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“…Last night I prayed for a sign… that I’m still meant to live, and that God still cares for me… “

You may recall every spring Cru does a conference called Big Break in Panama City, Florida. It’s Cru’s alternative Spring break, where students from all over the US traveled to Panama City Beach for a week of growing in their relationship with God and learning to share their faith. They spent time engaging with people on the beach, and also by using social media to send the Falling Plates video to friends and family and listening to their experiences of Jesus so far in their lives.

One Student named Allison* shared about her experience below:

“My best friend from home came from a christian family so I thought, I don’t know if I need to text her or not and so I texted her the link to the [Falling Plates evangelistic] video. She texted me back and said I literally just cried. I’ve been feeling really hopeless and horrible lately. And last night I prayed for a sign that I’m still worth it, that I’m still meant to live, and that God still cares for me and today you sent that to me. This is insane. I’m literally in tears.”

Students and staff initiated 11,170 spiritual conversations digitally. 3,024 of them turned into gospel conversations, with 104 deciding to follow Christ, plus 601 future appointments were set up with friends and family!  On the beach, 3,338 conversations were initiated and 1,470 heard the gospel, with 222 deciding to follow Christ!

These stories and results are super encouraging to us and we hope to you too! Jesus is moving and sometimes not in the ways we expect! When we hear stories of students listening to and responding to Jesus, it’s why we do what we do!

Until Every Student has Heard,

PS Here is a downloadable version of our newsletter with far fewer images. 🙂 Just one page this time.  

Please Pray:

  • THANKS to so many of you who prayed for John’s recent surgery last month. He is healing up well.
  • that we would be able to quickly grow a larger team of people to join our ministry in prayer and financial support so we can return to our office to accelerate the gospel through the operations of Cru. Pray for us traveling for this reason this summer. We have about $1900/month left to finish growing our team.
  • That we would not let the distractions around us take us away from the Good Work the Lord has for us. (Nehemiah 6:3)
  • That we would look for opportunities to be Jesus’ hands and feet to those around us in our kids’ social lives this summer.
  • For the millions of teenagers and college students transitioning out of school into summer… for the Church to carry this gospel to them.
  • For God’s provision of a newer family vehicle through a Cru family who sold us theirs.
  • For our home appliances to stop breaking, lol! 🙂 (we had a fridge fan go bad, a pump motor, and our washer too! we have replaced each one but this comes at a cost and is very distracting 😦 )

Enjoy a few of our latest pics:

Our little guy is turning 1 this week!

Our girls were in a theater day camp for a week and made new friends while singing their favorite songs!

Free donut day at Krispy Kreme! (Noah had more fun than he looks) 🙂

Evie has a favorite treat! (same as Daddy’s)

Aunt Mary came to visit!

Evie drew a special drawing for our vets


Last month we dedicated our Noah to the Lord in front of our Church, shown above with one of our leaders


Please pray for John’s Surgery Tomorrow 5/18

Please pray for John’s Surgery Tomorrow 5/18

Please pray for John’s shoulder surgery tomorrow to repair a torn rotator cuff. It’s been a long time coming for this surgery but it is good to have it done now, before it gets any worse. Surgery starts at 1pm tomorrow. There will be a month in a sling and a couple more months of physical therapy. But John has been through it before 6 years ago when the other shoulder had the same surgery when living up in Albany. So he’s a little bit of a veteran. 🙂  But thank you for your prayers! And now for a picture of our Noah who is almost 11 months!!

Pray for Us and Florida coast in the path of Hurricane Matthew


We would appreciate your prayers. We live in east Orlando, about 40-50 miles from the coast where the storm is expected to land. We really need this storm to move away from the east coast of Florida and the USA. The current weather forecast for our area says that starting tonight, 5-8 inches of rain and 80-100mph winds are likely. It will last 24 hours. We have prepared the best we can. Our hope is in the Lord. We will keep you updated as we are able.


John with our newly boarded up windows on our house in orlando


Please pray for a healthy delivery of our Baby Girl #2 tomorrow! And an update!

We have scheduled for Ellen to be induced into Labor later this morning at 9am since it’s been almost 41 weeks now into her pregnancy.   Please pray for a quick labor and smooth delivery with no complications and for a healthy mom and baby! We are excited of course. We’ll see if Ellen sleeps much until then! (she hasn’t slept much lately anyways since she is so pregnant).

Jesse and so many thousands like him depend on you and us!

jesse storySTINT – How God led Jesse from Gary Nomura on Vimeo.

We’ve included our latest update below with a reference to the  short video above about Jesse, who serves in a middle eastern country reaching college students for Christ.  We are excited to be a part of the infrastructure support ministry for Jesse and so many other tens of thousands of missionaries and volunteers working with Cru all over the world who are bringing the life-changing gospel of Jesus to the spiritually lost and dying.  And all this while being invested in and developed in our leadership development program.

And we couldn’t do any of these things together without your prayers and support, by God’s Grace.
For you we are so grateful!

signatures_john_and_ellen_blueseptember 2013 newsletter

We’re in Colorado!!


We are here in sunny high-altitude Colorado for the Cru Staff National Conference! We made it safe to Colorado State University in Fort Collins Sunday and have set up camp in one of the dorm rooms.  Last time we were here was 4 years ago when we attended our New Staff Training and Cru National staff conference for that year. What a memorable time of challenging, growing, and building up that we experienced that summer! Thank you to all of you who helped make that possible in prayer and finances. We are here again but this time with a 2 year old girl in tow and another baby girl on the way in just a couple months! We are experiencing some great times of worship, training, engaging speakers, and great fellowship that is preparing us for the new road ahead. We even met up with new friends who will also be in the Leadership Development program we will be in this coming year in Orlando.

 Please pray for our continuing search for some good tenants!

We are still searching for tenants to fill our TWO apartments in our 2-family home since we moved out this month and our current tenants of 2 years are moving out as well. We need to fill them by August 1st. We have shown the apartments to many people in the past month, and there are quite a number who have filled out a rental application but we haven’t come to a place of signing a lease with any of them yet.  It is a our prayer before almost every meal and then some! =)  In all seriousness, we know God will provide as we step forward in steps of faith but it is a harrowing experience since we only have 2 weeks left before the end of the month (and we move out of town before we even get to that point!) .  We have other more expensive options for placing tenants but we hope we can manage the property ourselves.  Please PRAY for us in this endeavor!

Thank You

final-ellenjpg-2 (1) - Edited

Thank you so much for your  support in prayer and finances and your partnership in the Gospel!  We are so grateful for you!

By His Grace every day,

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