Giving to our Ministry


Your gift is an investment in reaching the world with the message of God’s love and forgiveness. Let’s fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) together!

All contributions are income tax deductible.

Giving Directly Online

You can give using a credit card or directly from your bank account right now, online.

Giving By Direct Deposit via form

When you join the Direct Giving Plan, your gift will be transferred directly each month from your bank account to Campus Crusade for Christ. A record of each gift will appear on your bank statement.

To set up from a checking account:

  1. Print out the DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM
  2. Fill out the form and sign it (be sure to put our account number, 0604050, in the “divide my gift this way” section)
  3. Make a check out to “Campus Crusade for Christ”
  4. Send form and check to:
    Campus Crusade for Christ
    ATTN: Direct Giving Plan
    100 Lake Hart Drive, Dept. 2400
    Orlando, FL 32832
  5. You will receive a receipt from Campus Crusade for Christ by mail every 6 months showing the past 6 months of donations given.

To set up from a special gift such as an IRA roll-over, Property, Stocks, Mutual Funds, and non-cash gifts, please see instructions online.

Giving By Mail

  1. Make check payable to “Campus Crusade for Christ”
  2. Include in the Memo the following: “Staff #0604050”
  3. Send it to us, since we love to be able to thank you as soon as possible! (you may have to translate the address below because we don’t want spambots to get our address here and send us junk mail)
    John and Ellen Fleming
    tw0-tw0-Three-zer0 saw_palmett0 lane, #one-fifteen
    0r-land0, F1or1da three-2-eight-28
  4. But if not the first check you’ve ever written to Campus Crusade for Christ, Send check and note indicating it is a gift for us to:
    Campus Crusade for Christ
    PO Box 628222
    Orlando, FL 32862

Giving By Phone

To make a one-time contribution by credit card, call 1-888-CRUSADE (option 1)

THANK YOU for Partnering with us in this way to Grow God’s Kingdom!


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