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“I’ve been brought here for a reason… I can see exactly why God brought me here!” (winter ’15 update)


Some of the students that attended our Winter Conference on the west coast with John

… were the words of John* at one of our conferences in December. Jason, a Cru staffmember, had been working with John and his fellow wrestlers for over a year and trying for months to get his guys to sign up for the regional Cru winter conference on the west coast near John’s high school.

Since Jason had wrestled in college, he had been helping out with the team at the high school and going to their practices, with about 15-20 wrestlers going to a Bible study each week. It was the day before the conference started. Before that day’s practice, he had scheduled a meeting with a local pastor about partnering with his church in some way to reach students for Christ. During the meeting, the pastor said, “whatever you need, I want to help. If you guys need money…cars…resources…transportation–just tell me what you need and let’s work together.” This was really encouraging to Jason, and he went to the practice right after that, but he wasn’t informed that it was actually a wrestling match. So Jason had nothing to do during that time because the students weren’t available. He was pretty frustrated because he thought he wouldn’t have the one last chance to get some of them to sign up for the conference. So he started praying, “God, why am I here?… I have put so much effort into these guys, none of them are going to end up coming [to the conference].” He walked into the gym just then and saw all of them just sitting around waiting for their match to start. He also noticed the computer/printer room near there happened to be unlocked so he could print conference registration forms. So Jason just started calling over the guys, saying things like “someone gave a bunch of money so you could have a discount to go” and “fill out this release form!” They were excited to hear this news! (even though Jason hadn’t yet asked for the money!) and so four hours before they left for the conference, eight guys had signed up! Jason texted the pastor he had met earlier and asked if they could help send these guys to the conference, and he gave $1,000 toward that effort!  Praise God!


Students at the same Cru winter conference

At the conference during one of the boys’ sharing times, Jason told them the story of all circumstances that made it possible for these guys to come to the conference and how God wanted them to be there because he has a plan for their lives. By the last day of the conference, two of the wrestlers had prayed to receive Christ, including John*.  The conference speaker had asked all of them earlier that day to think about one of the darkest times in his life, and how Jesus was there even in that dark time. In front of all his wrestling buddies, John shared that his “darkest time” was the last time that he was raped as a gradeschooler. He said that he had been raped often at that time in his life. He shared that he remembered that time because he felt like Jesus was there when  his perpetrator was about to rape him again as usual but all of a sudden he just stopped! And it never happened again after that. He believes Jesus stopped the perpetrator from doing it. He said to Jason: “Hey Coach…  you’ve been saying this whole time that I’ve been brought here for a reason… I totally believe that now… I can see exactly why God brought me here!” Thank you for helping us create safe places for students to meet Jesus!
Because of His Grace Always,

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P.S. you can download a pdf version of this update that is easily printable here.temp-fampic


Is it too Late!?

It’s Definitely NOT too Late.

If you received a red letter from us in the mail over a week ago, you will know how we are praising God for what he’s done in the last year and where we are at financially and how you can help, as the Lord leads you.  If you didn’t receive one, then we don’t have your latest address. We like to send out cards from time to time and also special mailings here and there, so we’d love to have your address. Feel free to enter it securely here.  If you didn’t receive your red letter, please click below to read it.  If you would like to help us financially with our shortfall, please feel free to send back the enclosed response card with the little envelope addressed to us.  If you send in any financial gift postmarked by tomorrow, it will be tax-deductible!  If you didn’t receive a letter but want to help financially, you can go to and send in an electronic gift or follow instructions there for sending in a check by mail.

End of the Year letter

If you want to start praying regularly for us or even if you already are, it is always encouraging to hear that you are. Feel free to send us a short email or text (or whatever kind of message you want 🙂 ) to encourage us.  Regardless of your financial position to give a special gift or not, you are a blessing to us as you pray / give already! thank you so much!

As always, you can find our recent updates at

Happy New Year!! and the Boston Winter Conference

We wish you a healthy and safe start to the New Year of 2011!

Please Pray as we travel tomorrow to set up for next week’s Boston Winter Conference that takes place from January 1-5, 2011. Read all about the conference where we will be working and where our students will be refreshed and challenged.

It’s online at

Here’s even a great movie about the Boston Winter Conference.

God Speed!

What happened in January? The Boston Winter Conference

Boston Winter Conference 2010

What a beginning we had to the new year and to a new decade! It was amazing to see students experience God and get to know other students who have placed their faith in our Lord!  The Boston Winter Conference this year was one of our favorites yet over the years we have been.
You can see our latest newsletter by clicking on the image below or you can view it in PDF format (which is best) by clicking this PDF link: BWC 2010 January Newsletter

“God is going to do great things this semester! I will do whatever it takes!”

… said Juan recently (via text), a new believer and new student to our movement at RPI.  We had just shared our faith with a student he had just met recently in his dorm on campus using an innovative short film to begin asking questions of each other about faith and spirituality.  I am excited to see Juan growing in his faith and putting into practice skills he is learning on how to create space in his friendships for spiritual conversations and for God to come up naturally.  He and I readGodSpace over winter break, where Doug Pollock, a fellow Campus Crusade staff member, shares some great ideas for doing just this.  We hope to bring you more stories and updates soon!

A New Look to our Email Updates

You may have noticed this email update looks different from previous emails we have sent out to you all.  We hope it will make it easier for you to find your way around our website and to connect even easier to find out more about our ministry and what is happening on the campuses and in the lives of students we work with! On the right you will see links to some of the items on our website. Feel free to forward this email to friends who can subscribe automatically by clicking on links at the bottom of this email.  Please enjoy and Thank you for your prayerful and financial support as we reach students together for Christ!

JUST Happened: God’s work doesn’t end at Boston Winter Conference; Rather it STARTS!

Friends, this is an update from Ellen from this past week! Enjoy!


JUST Happened: God’s work doesn’t end at Boston Winter Conference; Rather it STARTS!  🙂

I just had an exciting thing happen that I wanted to share with you.
As you may have read a couple weeks ago(in our December newsletter), we took about 25 students to Boston for the Boston Winter Conference. One student from SCCC named Susan came with us. She had been involved with me on the campus, but honestly I didn’t know how committed she was with what we were doing at the school. At the conference she shared how exciting it was to connect with God and with her peers.
Well when getting back she stepped out in faith to share with a student she knows at SCCC all about the conference.

The neat thing is that I received an email through from a student named Sarah.

She also goes to SCCC. I just got back about an hour or so ago from meeting Sarah at panera!Sarah shared that she heard about Campus Crusade from Susan and she wanted to find out what it was about so started looking on the web. She sat across the table from me and shared how she didn’t know Jesus, but had some background in being brought to church when she was younger. The exciting part is that Sarah had never heard the true Gospel and had never known that God’s love is unconditional! I asked her how confident she is in a relationship with Jesus. She shared she wasn’t and that she wasn’t sure Jesus even heard her prayers! Long story short, I shared the Gospel with Sarah! Please pray she makes a decision to follow him. She shared how “scared and fearful she is to surrender”, but wants to see where this friendship leads!

I’m hopeful and excited! I also had the opportunity to call Susan on the way home and She shared that she didn’t realize that she had made an impact on Sarah but had been praying for Sarah and Susan said, ” Wow that’s so cool, God is so faithful! that made my night! Thanks so much for calling me!” And before hanging up we prayed for Sarah.

Would you please join us in prayer for Sarah? Please pray she ponders my words today at Panera and that she surrenders to Jesus tonight!

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers!

Testimonies from BWC to follow……..  🙂 Stay Tuned!

December 2009 Newsletter: What a Year!

Wow,  so this year has flown by and so much has happened! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones and that your start to the New Year is even better!  We will be headed out to our annual Boston Winter Conference for our North East region’s college students on New Year’s Day! We are looking forward to it big time! So what do we call the next decade anyway? the 2010’s? the Teens? who knows.  Regardless, our newest update is attached below, which you can click on to see the full size. We hope you enjoy it!
God Speed,
John and Ellen

December 2009

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