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“Dis-skype-leship” with students

John video chatting with a student

Lately it has been cool to use a new tool in ministry with college students: Skype, a video chat program that is very popular amongst college students.  It often seems in our world of busy schedules and lots of travel that students can be really busy and carving out a half hour or more to get coached can be tough sometimes.  Most people using email are already on Gmail, a popular email website, which automatically comes with video chat capability too, called Google Talk which is integrated right into the sidebar when you are checking email.   These opportunities save time, gas, and are more fruitful than a simple phone call that doesn’t necessarily show the facial expressions we all use all the time when talking with people.  Thus far, John has been using it more this semester than ever, video chatting with 3 or 4 students in a week, sometimes.  Of course it will never rival the face to face experience, but it does get close! We are grateful to use technology to help us win build and send students for Christ!

What is a Summer Project? – Newsletter for June 2009 from the Flemings

Friends and Family –

We hope that you are enjoying the beginning of this summer and all the warmth God is bringing through it! We made the long trek out to our summer assignment by car last weekend and have been in training since.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Lord as we have the opportunity to do so with Campus Crusade for Christ.  We have met so many God-followers and Christ-like people on our international and state-side staff team while here and have excited anticipation for what is to come both around the world and in Albany, New York, very soon! We hope you all will be as excited as we are to hear the story about our student leader named Stacey and her friends on her Summer Project in this month’s newsletter below!

God Speed,

John and Ellen  June 2009-Summer projectsJune 2009-Summer projects

Exciting things Happening at the College of St. Rose! – May 2009 Newsletter from the Flemings

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you enjoy our latest newsletter about our new sister in Christ at The College of St. Rose!! God has born this kind of spiritual fruit through our partnership with you!! After two exciting months on the field, we have finished our time on the campuses for the Spring Semester, but we have an exciting summer ahead!! This includes packing up our things to move into a new apartment and then we will be headed out to training for over a month as it is our summer assignment this year. We will come back and unpack not only our bags but also our many boxes! We are moving about 20 minutes away into the city of Albany from our current apartment in suburban Voorheesville. We are looking forward to being closer not only to the college campuses (1 mile to the College of St. Rose, a few miles to University at Albany and many others) but also to being more available to college students who want to get off campus into a welcoming home. Ellen (more so than I) has a hospitality gift with which we will be able to welcome students and others more easily in the city. We look forward to sharing more stories like this one that features St. Rose and our friends Natalie and Kathy.

God Speed,

John and Ellen

May 2009-Campuses

May 2009-Campuses

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