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February 2009 Newsletter – Boston Winter Conference Edition

Hello Friends and Partners in Ministry!

It has been a very exciting month as we are nearing the end of our initial support process and gearing up for a commissioning service very soon for us at our church in New York! God has been doing great things in the students lives, most notably through the recent annual conference we attended and worked at in Boston last month.   Please enjoy the stories highlighted in the attached newsletter.  This month’s letter is a little special as it has 2 pages instead of the usual 1 page.   You can click on each image to view the entire picture file.

Note to Facebook users:  Soon we hope to start up a new group on facebook for those of you who are more prone to check facebook messages before you check your email.  We’ll keep you posted!

God Speed,

John and Ellen

BWC 2009-Feb Newsletter-PG 1

February 2009 Newsletter Page 2 of 2

February 2009 Newsletter Page 2 of 2

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