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JUST Happened: God’s work doesn’t end at Boston Winter Conference; Rather it STARTS!

Friends, this is an update from Ellen from this past week! Enjoy!


JUST Happened: God’s work doesn’t end at Boston Winter Conference; Rather it STARTS!¬† ūüôā

I just had an exciting thing happen that I wanted to share with you.
As you may have read a couple weeks ago(in our December newsletter), we took about 25 students to Boston for the Boston Winter Conference. One student from SCCC named¬†Susan¬†came with us. She had been involved with me on the campus, but honestly I didn’t know how committed she was with what we were doing at the school. At the conference she shared how exciting it was to connect with God and with her peers.
Well when getting back she stepped out in faith to share with a student she knows at SCCC all about the conference.

The neat thing is that I received an email through from a student named Sarah.

She also goes to SCCC. I just got back about an hour or so ago from meeting¬†Sarah¬†at panera!Sarah¬†shared that she heard about Campus Crusade from¬†Susan¬†and she wanted to find out what it was about so started looking on the web. She sat across the table from me and shared how she didn’t know Jesus, but had some background in being brought to church when she was younger. The exciting part is that¬†Sarah¬†had never heard the true Gospel and had never known that God’s love is unconditional! I asked her how confident she is in a relationship with Jesus. She shared she wasn’t and that she wasn’t sure Jesus even heard her prayers! Long story short, I shared the Gospel with¬†Sarah! Please pray she makes a decision to follow him. She shared how “scared and fearful she is to surrender”, but wants to see where this friendship leads!

I’m hopeful and excited! I also had the opportunity to call¬†Susan¬†on the way home and She shared that she didn’t realize that she had made an impact on¬†Sarah¬†but had been praying for¬†Sarah¬†and¬†Susan¬†said, ” Wow that’s so cool, God is so faithful! that made my night! Thanks so much for calling me!” And before hanging up we prayed for¬†Sarah.

Would you please join us in prayer for Sarah? Please pray she ponders my words today at Panera and that she surrenders to Jesus tonight!

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers!

Testimonies from¬†BWC¬†to follow……..¬† ūüôā Stay Tuned!

October 2009 Newsletter: Lots of Great stories!

It is a privilege to do what we get the opportunity to do.  This month we are excited to share with you some more great opportunities we had to see God work around us!  Attached you will see our latest newsletter that you can read by clicking  on it. It includes the good news about a new student coming to Christ who is a close friend of Nora, a student who came to Christ about a year ago who you may have heard about from us in the past! We are rejoicing!

By His Grace,
John and Ellen

October 2009 Newsletter

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