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A Cru “Christmas Carol”

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First of all, Merry Christmas from Ellen, Maddie Mae, and I! We hope your day today was filled with great times with family and/or friends you love to be with. Most of all we hope that this year your heart is filled with the Awe that only Christ can bring because of how he loved us enough to come down from heaven as a little baby born in a “lowly estate” to poor parents, as a part of an oppressed people. But he came for Freedom from the oppression of Sin and Death for all who would place their trust in him! We are so grateful for Him.

This year some of our students demonstrated the gospel of self-sacrifice of our Lord to one of the young ladies in one of our campus movements where I work by collecting some money from friends for her to pay some bills that were really more than she knew she could handle, but was trusting God would provide.

Here was her response on facebook to those who gave the gift to her and signed a christmas card for her:

“Thank you for the card and gift of money. Being out of work a few weeks sick with a staph infection and dealing with other things I was doing a lot of praying that God would provide.Thank you for letting God use you. On top of all that I was given a tree I had no clue what to do with and have often times didn’t know how much I was going to be able to do. I have good days and tough days lately. You guys came moved around [my daughter’s] kitchen set and toys to make room for the tree and totally helped. You guys never judged me that my place was a mess. Instead you guys washed my overflowing dishes and gave me a huge break playing with [my daughter]…. I’m noticing a trend in the word family and you guys fit right in. You guys are not just a bunch of friends I met at college but, so much more. You guys are my extended family that God has blessed me with. You’ve seen me filled with joy giving praise to God, you’ve seen me angry and frustrated at God, and you’ve seen me downhearted. Through it all you’ve not walked along side me but, instead with me bearing my burden and lifting me up. I thank God for my CRU family daily and lift you up in prayer. Thank you for all you do.”

Thank you for being a part of making this Christmas Story happen!

December 2009 Newsletter: What a Year!

Wow,  so this year has flown by and so much has happened! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones and that your start to the New Year is even better!  We will be headed out to our annual Boston Winter Conference for our North East region’s college students on New Year’s Day! We are looking forward to it big time! So what do we call the next decade anyway? the 2010’s? the Teens? who knows.  Regardless, our newest update is attached below, which you can click on to see the full size. We hope you enjoy it!
God Speed,
John and Ellen

December 2009

Merry Christmas!! (December 2008 Newsletter)

Dec 2008 Newsletter

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