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You have been a part of Holy Matrimony in the lives of Two of our Cru Ladies and their new Husbands this past Summer!

20150615_154928Have you ever just stopped in a moment of time and looked around soaking it in? Well it’s not something I (Ellen) usually do. I’m usually moving on to the next thing just like the next person. Well this summer was filled with “busy”. Travels to Colorado, New York, Florida… long drives!  I’ve been thinking a lot about Ecclesiastes 3:11

“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” (New Living Translation)

Yet I’ve sensed some pretty deep moments this summer. Have you ever attended two weddings where your heart was just exploding with Joy?! A deep sense of God-sized joy? The verse above has come to light in a new way for me this summer and I hope you can sense and feel your part in this as well! Two students that I met in Albany, NY on two different journeys. We don’t often get to see a good chunk of someone’s story but somehow seeing someone accept Christ, walk through hardship/growth and see how the Lord has provided, blessed, and change a legacy is exciting and a gift! Just as I’ve felt and witnessed a deep sense of joy in watching two former students (women after God’s own heart) join in matrimony withour girl was in her first wedding as flower girl!like minded godly Men my heart was so FULL of JOY!

becca wedding mm flower girl

Our girl got to walk in her first wedding as flower girl

becca wedding

Our girl kissing the bride!

In moments like this I’m reminded on how living life in community and investing your life in the life of others is worth it! You have been a part of this journey with us through your sacrificial prayers and financial support; you have been part of these families establishing in the hope and love of Christ. While I don’t think I can truly fathom all the Lord has done and will do in these new families, I do know that without your investment in the kingdom we wouldn’t be able to truly celebrate the goodness of God here on earth; the goodness that causes all of us to yearn more deeply for eternity!!! Weddings are just a taste and picture of the joy we will have in eternity!        


Ellen with Rebecca in her wedding last summer


This summer we saw the Lord send 138 youth students to the world on a spring or summer mission with Cru!

  • 11 different teams went to 9 countries
  • They had the opportunity to share the Gospel with 9275 people in groups or personal conversations.
  • The Lord used these students and those conversations, and 2188 international students who indicated that they want to have a personal relationship with the Jesus!

Please pray that these students would be built up in their faith, be discipled by the staff in their country, and become good soil that multiplies God’s kingdom.

HS Promo Video thumbnail

watch video promoting our ministry to anyone who would join us!

prayer requests summer 2015

In Awe of His Redeeming Love,



the girls got face painted at a street fair at our conference


We traveled often in the car this summer, all over the country. thank you for praying and giving so we could serve others and get equipped ourselves!


our preschooler on her first day


“Little did I know that [God] was about to rock my world!”

“Little did I know that [God] was about to rock my world!”

… were the words of Logan in Greenville, SC. This was our second summer of inviting students and faculty around the world to experience missions throughout their summer even if they are at home.

Logan and his friends participating online in Mission Summer in August

they had some of our best speakers in Cru walk through a guided online curriculum and challenge all who listened to take faith steps.  Some gathered with other students each Sunday, others watched during a break from work.  They were encouraged to live on mission throughout their entire lives and given tools as to how to reach their campus this fall.  Logan goes on: “The first night I joined, Roger Hershey spoke about having a world Christian perspective. The ways I was challenged and my eyes opened during that session left me speechless.  I started bragging about what God already did in my life but little did I know that He was about to rock my world. The next Sunday night, I invited some of the high school and middle school students from the church where I was interning. We had 10 students come,and they thoroughly enjoyed the topic of how to have a mission mindset. Clearly it struck a heartstring because the next week we had 22 students join in. They took what they heard to  heart and began telling others about what God was doing.  God has given me a desire to start a bible study in my community that brings together both high school and college students from the local schools. There are five colleges and five high schools nearby.  So far, we have over 70 students from Furman University show an interest in helping along with many other students from across Greenville.  I cannot tell you how pumped we are to begin school knowing what God may have in store! Mission Summer truly promotes a passion for missions and encourages and challenges all the students involved in a positive way. I am so happy to have been a part of this project and don’t know if my walk with God would be as strong as it is right now if it wasn’t for my involvement with Mission Summer!”

          Because of His Grace Always,


P.S. If you want to download this newsletter in pdf format to print it off, you can click here to download it.prayer image

Kyle met Jesus the first night of the Epicenter Experience here in Albany!

We have had quite the beginning to 2012. It started off with the Epicenter Experience (Winter Conference).

One of our students in our movement at UAlbany said “I think I experienced the only time in my life where I slept next to [my roommate at the conference] in the same bed for the first time and also save them in the same night!”  He was speaking of his spiritual conversation where he and his roommates led Kyle to meet Jesus.  It was an awesome way to start the conference. Read more about this story in our attached newsletter! Click on the graphic below. It is a two pager! You will need to go to the second page for the specific story about Kyle, a student from western New York.

We look forward to bringing you more updates soon.  Thank you so much for your partnership with us reaching lost students and turning them into Christ-centered laborers.

Watch Video Testimonies of our students

Watch Video testimonies of present and past students that we recorded on our “Digital Day of Outreach” using the internet to share how Jesus has changed lives.  First is one of our current students, Anja, and second is a former student, now Cru Staff member named Sasha.


Anja Barnes from CCCNEHQ on Vimeo.

Sasha Hallock from CCCNEHQ on Vimeo.

Our Capital Region students lead out in Outreach efforts this week at Epicenter conference!

Our Capital Region students lead out in Outreach at the Epicenter 2012 conference

Kailee and Becca are two of our students involved in our movements at local campuses in the Capital Region who attended our Epicenter Experience conference in Albany this week.  They both experienced some great opportunities to reach out to students and other people right here in the Capital Region with 288 other students at the conference on Wednesday afternoon of this week.  Some students served at the Homeless Shelters and some looked for ways to start spiritual conversations on campuses and in downtown areas.  Kailee and Becca share their stories below from the stage of the conference! We praise God for their steps of faith and especially for the young man who works at Dunkin Donuts who received Christ!

Thank you for praying for and financially supporting this ministry so that we, together with you, can be a part of investing in the lives of students for the King’s eternal purposes!

By His Grace each day,

The End of the Year and “I can’t find love because…”

…I’ve slept with too many people to know what love is” was what one student said when Ellen asked each of approximately 25 students to jot
down something we could pray for them for. Can you imagine being so broken and aware that you’re willing to ask a complete
stranger to pray for this area of your life?! This student isn’t alone… Read more in the newsletter below.

October and November Newsletter

As we close out the End of the Year

We are so grateful to all of you for praying for our ministry and giving financially to us this year. We have had some challenges financially and yet God has provided again and again.  We know he will provide again this year as long as he calls us to serve him here.  At the end of this year, our needs are greater than in years past. For many of you this may also be the case.  We are confident that God continues to call us to work for the Gospel to grow in and through college students. As we move into 2012 we are praying for $10,000 in additional funding to make up for shortfalls.  If you have already taken a new financial step of faith with us recently, thank you. If not, and you haven’t had a chance to do so yet:

Would you make a gift of $50, $200 or $500 to help us contine to reach college students for Christ?

To give online just click below the button below. All gifts made before December 31 at midnight are tax-deductible for the 2011 year.

Thank you again, and we wish you a very safe and Happy New Year!

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