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1,000 people a day meeting Jesus at our site!

1,000 people a day meeting Jesus at our site!










Around the world most colleges have classes started in recent weeks and so Cru students, staff, and volunteers are actively involved in welcoming students, initiating spiritual conversations with students on campus and online sharing the love of Jesus in word and with actions.
We just wanted to give you a quick update we received from our leadership about how people have been responding to the gospel online at our evangelistic and conversation starting website,, which is in 42 languages. Here’s an update below from Marilyn, fellow Cru staff at our headquarters in Orlando. We are so excited to be a part of reaching thousands of people around the world with you both online and in person!!!

“In the last few months, through all 42 language versions of, we’ve seen an average of 1,000 people a day tell us they’ve asked Jesus into their lives. Many people quickly share with others what helped them know God. Here are heartfelt comments from a few…

“By the time i finished the article I was very delighted and smiling very broadly. Then I saw your question “Do you think Jesus could use you to tell others about him? This is my greatest desire. Just like he used the Samaritan woman.” ~ Clovis

I’ve just completed The Spiritual Adventure Pack and have signed up for the study of the Gospel of John.  I’ve been on the periphery of Christianity since 1992, but my ‘faith’ ebbed and flowed, it was based on feelings. I really want to thank you for this study pack because it has shown me realistic and logical reasons for believing in God’s existence, answers I had never had before. So I’ve now begun a relationship with Jesus based on a solid foundation.” ~ Nicki

The emails you are keeping sending me I also send the link to christians who didn’t have the privilege to receive your emails like me. When you send me emails I also share with them in facebook and whatsapp. Your emails are spreading through those social media and some people ask me how to access it. Then I tell them that they can download the Every Student app on their phone! Thank you so much!” ~ Samson

“Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring words. You have been very helpful. I am now about 18 months as a believer coming from a staunch Hindu background.” ~ Naresh

I really want to God more but I don’t know how to start. This is the chance and opportunity. thank you so much. I’ve been praying for this.” ~ Sophia
I have started from the beginning with you and each article has left my heart pounding with life and happiness.” ~ Doreen

“I felt overwhelmed as to where to start and your websites and emails have steered me in the right direction and helped to answer my questions, so thank you!!” ~Rachel

“The wonderful words you have been sharing with me through emails and everystudent web links have really helped me. A lot of things l didn’t understand before now l understand them. l finally realized that l need God. I am happy that l came across your site after l had searched for Starting a relationship with God on google.” ~ Silinganisiwe

The World is Changing! How can help you reach lost people? (click 3 min video below)

click above for a 3 minute introduction video with some context for why reaching people online is so important

click above for a 3 minute introduction video with some context for why reaching people online is so important

Get training from our short video series on how to use by clicking image below 

Your partnership with us is making it possible for students, like Clovis and Samson, to hear the gospel in their own language and make a decision about Jesus, and then help their friends to have the same opportunity.

Thank you for praying for salvation, boldness of faith and for more doors to be opened on campuses all over America and beyond!

We have a new Assignment in Cru to Announce soon! (stay tuned) 

Our new baby boy Noah with us before we left the hospital! —— *photo credits Madelyn Hepner

“Little did I know that [God] was about to rock my world!”

“Little did I know that [God] was about to rock my world!”

… were the words of Logan in Greenville, SC. This was our second summer of inviting students and faculty around the world to experience missions throughout their summer even if they are at home.

Logan and his friends participating online in Mission Summer in August

they had some of our best speakers in Cru walk through a guided online curriculum and challenge all who listened to take faith steps.  Some gathered with other students each Sunday, others watched during a break from work.  They were encouraged to live on mission throughout their entire lives and given tools as to how to reach their campus this fall.  Logan goes on: “The first night I joined, Roger Hershey spoke about having a world Christian perspective. The ways I was challenged and my eyes opened during that session left me speechless.  I started bragging about what God already did in my life but little did I know that He was about to rock my world. The next Sunday night, I invited some of the high school and middle school students from the church where I was interning. We had 10 students come,and they thoroughly enjoyed the topic of how to have a mission mindset. Clearly it struck a heartstring because the next week we had 22 students join in. They took what they heard to  heart and began telling others about what God was doing.  God has given me a desire to start a bible study in my community that brings together both high school and college students from the local schools. There are five colleges and five high schools nearby.  So far, we have over 70 students from Furman University show an interest in helping along with many other students from across Greenville.  I cannot tell you how pumped we are to begin school knowing what God may have in store! Mission Summer truly promotes a passion for missions and encourages and challenges all the students involved in a positive way. I am so happy to have been a part of this project and don’t know if my walk with God would be as strong as it is right now if it wasn’t for my involvement with Mission Summer!”

          Because of His Grace Always,


P.S. If you want to download this newsletter in pdf format to print it off, you can click here to download it.prayer image

Digital Tools help the Gospel! (October update)

pic of joey with tree

This is Joey. (see photo above) You may
recall that John is involved in supporting one
of our digital tools for discipleship and
evangelism called Missionhub. This is an
exciting story that Dusty Hoffman sent us
about how this digital tool has been helping
spread the gospel in the midwest:

Joey loves journalism.
Joey got invited via e-mail to our Fall Retreat. Joey emailed
back “Is this going to be one of those lame
weekends where I show up and everyone is friends
except me?” “No Joey, it’s not.”

A month later Joey came to the retreat. He listened
to God’s word. He made friends. He played laser tag.
He worshiped a God he didn’t know. At the end Joey
said “This was the best weekend of my life. But now I
have questions about God.”
Joey got thirsty… (continued below the video)



continued from above:   ….A month later Joey met a Cru
staff guy to get his questions
answered. “If I surrender
everything to God, he’ll make
me miserable and make me
quit loving journalism.” “No,
Joey.” Joey then listened
about Jesus. Joey listened
about grace. Joey listened
about love. Joey understood—for the first time. Joey
prayed and received Christ as his Savior. Joey said
“This is what I’ve wanted all my life. ”

A month later, Joey went through 4 follow up Bible
studies so Joey can be grounded in his new faith. Joey
now has assurance of salvation. Joey knows how to
confess his sin. Joey is living filled with the Holy Spirit.
And Joey knows how to share his faith with others.
Today – Joey is an eternally changed freshman.
This stuff never gets old!

… You see, Joey filled out a Cru comment
card saying he wanted to receive emails
from Cru about upcoming events, etc. So
Missionhub is a new tool with many many
features that staff and student leaders
(anyone who wants to use it can sign up!)
use to track with students who they are
trying to reach with the Gospel, as well as
disciple students and track their progress
when following up with students. All of this
can be done collaboratively with a any team
of people who want to reach their peers or
community and make disciples. It’s all
secured and yet very connective when you
want it to be. We are excited to support
tools like these in Orlando, and your
partnership with us has been instrumental!

Missionhub app for Android and iPhone!

Missionhub app for Android and iPhone!

Prayer Requests
Please Pray:

• For transitioning with our growing
Genevieve who is already 9 weeks!
• For Missionhub and other apps to
have broader use and influence.
• For us to keep pursuing Jesus, in love
with him.
• For Ellen as we navigate a way she
can contribute significantly with
shorter time in the office.
Discussions have started and she is
excited and hopeful !

family portrait delaware cropped

By His Grace,


P.S. If you’d like to download the PDF version of our letter, please click on the image below.October2013

Beginnings and Endings: A new Baby Girl is coming! and we are Moving soon!

BigSisterWe’re having a baby girl!

We are excited that Maddie Mae will be a big sister and have a new best friend! Parenting has been an amazing journey and we are blessed to have one more little package from Heaven. Thank you, Lord!  Our new baby is due in September, a month or so after we move to Orlando!


Our house sold in 36 hours with overwhelming demand!

Thank you so much for all of you praying for our open house last month because it went so very well! We had about 30-40 people come through the house and many expressed an interested right then and there and made alot of great compliments to us on the renovations we have made.  W e received 5 written offers within 36 hours and had our choice of great offers. We prayed a God sized prayer before getting any offers and we received an offer for the exact sale price we asked God for!  Please keep PRAYING for the contract to continue  moving forward as we had an issue come up in the inspection which we are now praying will work out.  so far so good!


No Student Left Behind

This month’s newsletter (you can click on to download above) features details on the updates above but also more on Summer Projects that our students are going on very soon around the world and the various software John has been helping Field Staff to learn in order to help them do their jobs more effectively to bring the Gospel to many more students and so we can be assured not to leave any student behind in the process of reaching the lost! We hope you enjoy reading it!

We’re moving soon!

God has blessed us with a real blessing of a home to house-sit and live in during the transition between moving out of our house and moving to Orlando! We are grateful to these friends who live right down the street. We won’t be moving far away during the transition. We hope we can move the weekend before the closing, but we’ll see. If you are local and you’d like to know about the details in case you can help, let us know by filling out the brief form below (which will send us an email).  Just enter your name, email address,  and hit send! We will email you details once we have them. Thanks in advance!

By God’s Grace for today,


Is it the first time in your whole life!? and Please Pray for John’s Training Classes this week


HVCC Students gathered at our Directors' House for "Cru Connect" dinner and training time

We were sitting together in our local directors’ home when Jamie** said “Even though I’ve been raised going to church my whole life, it wasn’t until this year for the first time in my whole life that I actually finally have someone discipling me.”


Our local director casting vision to our students at a "Cru Connect" dinner and training time last week

Jamie is just one young student who is experiencing the gospel being lived out into her life through the spiritual multiplication process that God is using through Cru at our movement at Hudson Valley Community College.  We are excited for her as she experiences this for the first time and takes steps of faith!

John will be conducting training classes the next few days for Cru Staff.

PLEASE PRAY for John as he conducts a training for our New York and New England Cru staff .  He’ll be teaching them how to use new electronic tools for email, file sharing, team collaboration, scheduling, and more that many companies have reported have increased productivity 20-30% when all of the employees adopt and use the new software together. This is exciting because it will put tools in the hands of staff that will help  us to live on Mission for the Kingdom even more effectively as we Win, Build, and Send students for Christ!

Thank you for partnering with us to make this happen for our students and for Our Lord!

Grateful for you and Jesus,

signatures john and ellen blue

** student names changed for privacy
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