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A Cru “Christmas Carol”

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First of all, Merry Christmas from Ellen, Maddie Mae, and I! We hope your day today was filled with great times with family and/or friends you love to be with. Most of all we hope that this year your heart is filled with the Awe that only Christ can bring because of how he loved us enough to come down from heaven as a little baby born in a “lowly estate” to poor parents, as a part of an oppressed people. But he came for Freedom from the oppression of Sin and Death for all who would place their trust in him! We are so grateful for Him.

This year some of our students demonstrated the gospel of self-sacrifice of our Lord to one of the young ladies in one of our campus movements where I work by collecting some money from friends for her to pay some bills that were really more than she knew she could handle, but was trusting God would provide.

Here was her response on facebook to those who gave the gift to her and signed a christmas card for her:

“Thank you for the card and gift of money. Being out of work a few weeks sick with a staph infection and dealing with other things I was doing a lot of praying that God would provide.Thank you for letting God use you. On top of all that I was given a tree I had no clue what to do with and have often times didn’t know how much I was going to be able to do. I have good days and tough days lately. You guys came moved around [my daughter’s] kitchen set and toys to make room for the tree and totally helped. You guys never judged me that my place was a mess. Instead you guys washed my overflowing dishes and gave me a huge break playing with [my daughter]…. I’m noticing a trend in the word family and you guys fit right in. You guys are not just a bunch of friends I met at college but, so much more. You guys are my extended family that God has blessed me with. You’ve seen me filled with joy giving praise to God, you’ve seen me angry and frustrated at God, and you’ve seen me downhearted. Through it all you’ve not walked along side me but, instead with me bearing my burden and lifting me up. I thank God for my CRU family daily and lift you up in prayer. Thank you for all you do.”

Thank you for being a part of making this Christmas Story happen!

Kyle met Jesus the first night of the Epicenter Experience here in Albany!

We have had quite the beginning to 2012. It started off with the Epicenter Experience (Winter Conference).

One of our students in our movement at UAlbany said “I think I experienced the only time in my life where I slept next to [my roommate at the conference] in the same bed for the first time and also save them in the same night!”  He was speaking of his spiritual conversation where he and his roommates led Kyle to meet Jesus.  It was an awesome way to start the conference. Read more about this story in our attached newsletter! Click on the graphic below. It is a two pager! You will need to go to the second page for the specific story about Kyle, a student from western New York.

We look forward to bringing you more updates soon.  Thank you so much for your partnership with us reaching lost students and turning them into Christ-centered laborers.

Watch Video Testimonies of our students

Watch Video testimonies of present and past students that we recorded on our “Digital Day of Outreach” using the internet to share how Jesus has changed lives.  First is one of our current students, Anja, and second is a former student, now Cru Staff member named Sasha.


Anja Barnes from CCCNEHQ on Vimeo.

Sasha Hallock from CCCNEHQ on Vimeo.

Our Capital Region students lead out in Outreach efforts this week at Epicenter conference!

Our Capital Region students lead out in Outreach at the Epicenter 2012 conference

Kailee and Becca are two of our students involved in our movements at local campuses in the Capital Region who attended our Epicenter Experience conference in Albany this week.  They both experienced some great opportunities to reach out to students and other people right here in the Capital Region with 288 other students at the conference on Wednesday afternoon of this week.  Some students served at the Homeless Shelters and some looked for ways to start spiritual conversations on campuses and in downtown areas.  Kailee and Becca share their stories below from the stage of the conference! We praise God for their steps of faith and especially for the young man who works at Dunkin Donuts who received Christ!

Thank you for praying for and financially supporting this ministry so that we, together with you, can be a part of investing in the lives of students for the King’s eternal purposes!

By His Grace each day,

“I never heard [the Gospel] like that before”

… were the words from one of many freshmen featured in our latest newsletter and that we have met this past fall in what has been a wild and exciting time of engaging the campuses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And this not just in words, but in deeds.  Read in our latest newsletter, by clicking on the image of the letter below, about our adventures this fall on campus.

Thank you for praying as we engage students spiritually on campuses of New York’s Capital Region like HVCC and RPI and beyond.  You can download this newsletter by clicking on any of the images below.  We hope it encourages you!

Fall 2011 Newsletter

Our New and Improved Website!

We totally revamped our website with a new look and feel, with more connections to Facebook and the like! =)  Check it out by clicking on the image below.

New updated Website

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are so thankful this Thanksgiving weekend to be surrounded in prayer by faithful partners in ministry without whom we would not be able to serve effectively on campus, impacting students for eternity.  We have so many reasons to be grateful and so we thank you for your prayers and support!  We had a chance to look at some old baby pictures of John while we were with his family this week and found some fun pictures. You can see a resemblance between Madeline and John as babies! Check out the image below in closer detail by clicking on it!

Why college women shouldn’t settle…

Our Real Life men show the ladies why they shouldn’t “settle”…

We wish you could have seen it! About 35 ladies (from various campuses, some not knowing Christ! ) gathered at our place (both upstairs and downstairs apartments) for a dinner: made by and served by the Real Life guys in our movements in the local area! Read more in our newsletter below!

You can download our newsletter by clicking on the image below or by going to our website, Since we have all sorts of updates posted to our website more often, it might be best to check it there regularly.  We hope you enjoy it!

February 2011 Newsletter

Travelling to Big Break Mission Trip/Conference right now!

As I type this message, Ellen and I are on a bus packed with students from a sister movement out of the University of Buffalo headed down to Panama City Beach, Florida where we will be serving 7 of our local students from the Capital Region along with 1300 other college students!  They have raised support and paid to spend their spring breaks getting training and sharing their faith with thousands of spring break partiers who are there for the more “traditional” spring break experience.  Some of the Big Break students are returning to reach lost students because they were among the lost that met Jesus last year this week! 

Last year at the Big Break Conference (week #2 of 5), we brought 4 students to share our faith and listen to spring breaker’s spiritual stories and this year we have 7 from the Capital Region!

Please pray for Big Break:

  • safe and comfortable travels for Ellen (5 months pregnant now) and the rest of us and our students
  • open hearts in students to step out in faith
  • a passion to bring their experiences back to their campuses and live for Jesus amongst their peers, both lost and found

Students sharing their faith near the Big Break Conference last year

Please pray for new believers at Hudson Valley Community College to respond to us and our students for opportunities to connect and grow (you can read about one in our newsletter above).

Thanks so much for your financial and prayerful support that makes it possible for us to be fully engaged in this ministry that impacts students for eternity!

God Speed!

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