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Students at RPI and UAlbany meet Jesus at the end of the Semester! And First Day in Wildwood, NJ!

It’s true! It has been a wonderful end to the semester with several students meeting Jesus.  What a way to finish the school year!  You can read more in our newsletter for April and May by clicking on the picture of the newsletter below.


We just spent our first full day with our students on location on our summer project assignment in Wildwood, New Jersey today! Last night students arrived by car and plane and registered and got room assignments and moved into their housing.  Today we (fittingly) started our first full day together with worship and some orientation.  After sharing some meals together and sharing our stories in smaller groups, we went back to our apartments for the night.  Below is a quick picture of me with the guys I’ll be working more closely with this summer.  Four of them are students while one of them is another Cru staff member and coworker of mine who I will be teaming up with.

Our team of guys I’m working with this summer in Wildwood

To learn more about our summer project with our students in Wildwood, New Jersey and to see how you can get involved, click on the letter below.

We are so grateful and thankful for your prayers and financial support that makes it possible for us to serve students for Jesus!

By His Grace all Summer Long,

What do Lollipops, sunshine, sand, Jesus, a deck of cards have in common?!

Read our headlining story by clicking in our newsletter about our God-experiences at our annual Big Break conference below to find out! =)

Feb/March Newsletter

Only this past Tuesday we had an exciting experience on campus:  A coworker on Cru staff and I prayed with a guy named Matt* to receive Christ at RPI, where I went to college and received my engineering degree.

We were actually filming a documentary on students’ views on campus and after the 3 or 4 questions we asked him, we shut off the camera and asked him if he thought it was possible to Know God Personally. He said definitely. But he also felt like he was only 60% sure that when he died he would go to heaven. I asked him if anyone had ever explained to him how to know God personally and he said no. I asked him to go to our ministry’s most highly clicked website (over 10 million unique visitors per year around the world!) on his laptop and click on “Knowing God Personally” at the top. And we read through it quickly. At the end he wanted to pray to ask Jesus into his heart. It was amazing to see God having worked already in his life ahead of time to bring him to that point! Pray for Matt* that he would get connected quickly in fellowship on campus as it is hard for commuters to do so when they don’t live on campus.

Thank you for praying and giving sacrificially so we can bring the gospel to the campuses of the Capital Region and beyond!
By His Grace daily,

*the names of students are often changed to respect privacy.

“I never heard [the Gospel] like that before”

… were the words from one of many freshmen featured in our latest newsletter and that we have met this past fall in what has been a wild and exciting time of engaging the campuses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And this not just in words, but in deeds.  Read in our latest newsletter, by clicking on the image of the letter below, about our adventures this fall on campus.

Thank you for praying as we engage students spiritually on campuses of New York’s Capital Region like HVCC and RPI and beyond.  You can download this newsletter by clicking on any of the images below.  We hope it encourages you!

Fall 2011 Newsletter

Our New and Improved Website!

We totally revamped our website with a new look and feel, with more connections to Facebook and the like! =)  Check it out by clicking on the image below.

New updated Website

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are so thankful this Thanksgiving weekend to be surrounded in prayer by faithful partners in ministry without whom we would not be able to serve effectively on campus, impacting students for eternity.  We have so many reasons to be grateful and so we thank you for your prayers and support!  We had a chance to look at some old baby pictures of John while we were with his family this week and found some fun pictures. You can see a resemblance between Madeline and John as babies! Check out the image below in closer detail by clicking on it!

What a Summer of Changes it has Been!

What a Summer of Changes it has Been!
We have already started into our fall on most campuses and yet so much has happened over this past summer!!  After a fanastic experience at the Boston Operations Summer Project from the end of May until July 1, we headed home and prepared for the birth of our baby (more below).  Before blasting you with all sorts of great pictures of our new baby, we want to share with you about what has been happening this past summer.  This “Summer Edition” newsletter is lengthy, but features the announcement of the new name for our U.S. organization, a newsletter from our students at the Boston Operations Summer Project, and a couple great pictures and news of our baby.   Please pray as we engage  students in spiritual conversations on the campus of HVCC, and on the campus of RPI, and beyond.  You can download this newsletter by clicking on any of the images below.  We hope it encourages you!

Summer 2011 Newsletter

New Name for U.S. Parent Ministry is now “Cru”!

As you may have seen in the news and online, our parent ministry in the U.S. has been renamed to “Cru”, which has actually been in use for some time since the 1990’s in many areas of the country but only this fall will it become official.  We are happy about this name change not because of losing the “Christ” or even “Campus” so much, but because of losing the “Crusade” part.   Our friend and coworker on staff with us posted some really great video and discussion about the name change. You can read about “Is Campus Crusade dropping Christ?” or “Responding to Fox News Spin of Cru” or  “The “Business” of Cru” on his blog which we feel provide really great food for thought and exchange on the process of changing our ministry’s parent organization’s name and all the reasons for this.  Of course our local ministry name is still Real Life, so locally it won’t make a big difference for those we have been serving or who have heard only of our local name.

What is does Cru mean?

Summer Project Videos to share from Boston

As promised, we wanted to share just a couple videos from some of our students who entirely produced them on their own.

The first is critical to watch as my brother Ed Fleming was one of our students on the project and illustrated all of it, while one of our local students, David Rice, from HVCC, whom i had the honor of discipling this summer:

The 5 Things from CCCNEHQ on Vimeo.

The second is a SILENT video made for the hearing impaired community.  Many of our Cru students at RIT are apart of such a community and so this is a great tool for evangelism and ministry to their peers. This video was made by Emily Parker, another one of our project students we enjoyed getting to know and work with:

Baby Madeline Mae Fleming is here!

We are proud to announce the birth of our lovely daughter, and though you can read the details in our newsletter on her height and weight, here are some wonderful pictures for you to see! (click on the picture to see more pictures)

Thank you for your prayer and financial support that makes it possible to serve the Lord and these students! We appreciate  all the extra meals and care we have been blessed with both directly from you and indirectly through prayer!
God Speed!

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