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A Prayer Request, and some GREAT NEWS

A Prayer Request for a

Hurt Shoulder…

So John has had an annoying pain in his shoulder and the doctor said he has a rotator cuff tear.  Though not a serious injury, it has to be dealt with sooner than later because recovery only takes longer as the body ages.  Please pray that God would do a miracle and heal his shoulder so that he wouldn’t need to get surgery that will mean 1 month of his arm in a sling and 4 months of physical therapy, affecting everything from not being able to drive either of our two stick/manual shift cars to not being able to play his favorite sport (usually twice a week) : basketball.  This week he’ll ask for some prayer from the elders at our church (James 5:14 (NIV): “Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord…”)

We’re Havin’ a Baby!!!

Yes, we are super excited, and in Ellen’s words on Facebook:
Ellen Fleming thinks it’s a great day to announce our super fun news! John Fleming and I are having a baby end of July 2011! Yay for God’s provision and blessing in our lives this year! Hope you all will get to meet him/her this summer!”
Of course we will keep you updated as the excitement builds!

God Speed!

Is it too Late!?

It’s Definitely NOT too Late.

If you received a red letter from us in the mail over a week ago, you will know how we are praising God for what he’s done in the last year and where we are at financially and how you can help, as the Lord leads you.  If you didn’t receive one, then we don’t have your latest address. We like to send out cards from time to time and also special mailings here and there, so we’d love to have your address. Feel free to enter it securely here.  If you didn’t receive your red letter, please click below to read it.  If you would like to help us financially with our shortfall, please feel free to send back the enclosed response card with the little envelope addressed to us.  If you send in any financial gift postmarked by tomorrow, it will be tax-deductible!  If you didn’t receive a letter but want to help financially, you can go to and send in an electronic gift or follow instructions there for sending in a check by mail.

End of the Year letter

If you want to start praying regularly for us or even if you already are, it is always encouraging to hear that you are. Feel free to send us a short email or text (or whatever kind of message you want 🙂 ) to encourage us.  Regardless of your financial position to give a special gift or not, you are a blessing to us as you pray / give already! thank you so much!

As always, you can find our recent updates at

Happy New Year!! and the Boston Winter Conference

We wish you a healthy and safe start to the New Year of 2011!

Please Pray as we travel tomorrow to set up for next week’s Boston Winter Conference that takes place from January 1-5, 2011. Read all about the conference where we will be working and where our students will be refreshed and challenged.

It’s online at

Here’s even a great movie about the Boston Winter Conference.

God Speed!

“I Don’t Think I Can Accept That He’s Going To Hell”

… Said James, a student who is a part of Real Life at a local campus we serve.  He is wrestling with the reality of Heaven and Hell.  Read more about James, the Capital Region Ladies Nite, students serving fraternities on their campus, and Gaining official “club status” at RPI! You can download our newsletter by clicking on the image below. Since we have all sorts of updates posted to our website more often, it might be best to check it here regularly.  We hope you enjoy it!

April – May 2010 Newsletter

A HUGE “Thank You”!

to those of you who have joined with us prayerfullyand financially to reach 70% of our expenses for this one time Summer Missions Project in New York City that is a big part of sending students and training them to be effective disciples of Christ wherever they go!

We want to Partner with you to Be Jesus’ Hands and Feet to students and others in New York City!

You may have read about our project in NYC this summer and meant to pray or meant to give but haven’t taken the opportunity.  You can partner with us today by praying and giving financially.  We are trusting God to bring in the remaining 30% (or $1500) in the next couple weeks that we need to serve to our fullest in New York City.  That’s only approximately $200 from 7 partners or $100 from 15 partners.  Whatever would be a “faith step” for you is all we can ask you to consider by faith.

If you haven’t read about it yet, READ MORE ABOUT OUR PROJECT by clicking on the image below, which is a 2-PAGE description.  We know you will be excited about it as well!

New York City Summer Project 2010

Buying a Two-Family Home soon!

We are really excited that all is going well in the process of purchasing the two family home we currently are renting since July 2009!  We plan on closing right after we return to Albany after our project is over, but once everything goes through, we will be very pleased to let you all know of our first home purchase! We are excited to be able to be owners who occupy a home where we can rent half of it year round.  We plan on moving from the downstairs to the upstairs!  It needs some work, but God has undeniably opened the doors for this purchase so far!  More details to come!

Our current apartment, soon to be Home

If you have read this far, we truly love you! 🙂

Big Break: Really?! It Is And Can Be Natural To Talk About Jesus!

As we were playing ultimate Frisbee 2 guys named Jake and Joe were on the team with me(Ellen) and Amanda (and a couple UCONN students too). It was a close game but we won by 1 point! yay!
After the game Amanda, myself, 2 UCONN girls and these 2 guys Jake and Joe sat with us. I asked question about them and before we knew it I was talking through spiritual things.. I learned Jake’s parents are going through a divorce and that he was Lutheran until his parents stopped going when he was maybe 10.. Joe’s dad’s brother is a reverend and his aunt is budist! I mentioned how we were using tools to ask spring breakers questions about spiritual things and even asked if any of them had a chance to talk about sprititual things on campus during the year… they said no! I turn briefly and Amanda had already gone to her bag and whipped out the Soularium (to which the RPI students keep calling it a “game” .. haha.. we’re still working on that.. ) The guys engaged with us and when asked on a level of 0-10 what’s their desire to know God.. (after telling them they couldn’t pick 0 because they were already talking to us about spiritual things!) they both said 6 and 8! I told my story and presented the gospel! I did bring out the KGP (Knowing God Personally booklet)to ask which circle they were (the point of decision in the booklet) and Jake said he had been trying to get to the circle on the right (a life submitted to Christ) … after sharing he didn’t have to “work at it” the gospel was presented and I challenged them to make a decision for themselves!
The BIGGEST win for me was when Amanda and I were walking back to the van.. she said she learned something huge about this.. the guys STILL wanted to talk after presenting the Gospel.. she had thought it would have been awkward to just go back to talking after all that.. but it wasn’t and she realized how “natural” talking about Jesus can be! I’m so honored that I had this opportunity  to  see Amanda realize an important life lesson! When you’re a follower of Christ, it’s normal to talk about Jesus!

Jason and “God Space” on Big Break 2010

On Tuesday night Jason went out with some UCONN students to share the gospel. The group prayed a few times to connect with spring breakers and didn’t see anyone really respond.. a bit discouraged they went to the Waffle House and “hung out”; while hanging out.. God Space (relational space for spiritual content- also a great book we’ve read with students) was created as they sat and talked amongst themselves. One of the UCONN students named Becky had a ton of reservations about the week and even more specifically why things weren’t biblical.. like why is it really “wrong” to get drunk.. what’s the big deal? Jason came over for lunch on Thursday and he told us the story of creating space for God to uncover what it was in Becky’s heart.. she hadn’t really trusted Jesus with her life! What ended up happening was Jason and the other UCONN students went through the Knowing God Personally with Becky.. at first she was embarrassed and didn’t want to “do the prayer” with the group. But later that night she went on the balcony and cried.. and told Jesus she desired to know him and the following day read the prayer with one of her roommates! Jason engaged with someone who said “I’m a christian” and yet wasn’t completely surrendered.. and he used God Space to engage and see someone trust Christ! We’re so proud of him and the UCONN students with him!

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