It’s a Boy!!! and “I don’t even care about the pizza!…”

It’s a Boy!

We welcomed little Noah John Fleming the third week of June!!  He weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz and 21″ long.  We have been so blessed by the outpouring of so many of your cards, gifts, and love since his arrival. We are so very grateful. As you may know, we moved to a new home only a month before he was born so we have not only been catching up with the unpacking but also with our new little one. We hadn’t planned the timing of moving AND delivering a baby within two months but the Lord and many of you all have emotionally supported us in the transition.  We are grateful for your prayers and financial support as you have been with us in the process. Stay tuned for more cute pictures of our little man and his doting sisters!

“I don’t even care about the pizza. I just love
the conversation”

…. said a football player at a Florida high school campus where we have a new Cru movement. It was just several weeks back and it was during one of his first meetings with our staff and students there. One of our Cru staff members named Brittany and some Cru volunteers were on his campus in Central Florida. They had planned a Cru community group during the lunch. It was the first one of its kind that they held on campus. Brittany went into the classroom they had reserved during lunch for the meeting and there were about 15 football players eating lunch in that room. It was their place where they normally ate during lunch. They invited the players to stay and all of them watched a video of a football player giving his testimony.


“Snapshot” cards are an evangelism tool developed by our Cru staff featuring our very own first born (at bottom of the image above)

It was providential that it was a video focused specifically on things to which football players could relate. Afterwards they invited them to play a card game with the “Snapshot Cards” (an evangelistic tool for asking questions about faith and starting spiritual conversations) developed this year by our team at Cru Headquarters. One of the football players named Vikram** had come to our previous Cru meetings and picked one of the cards that reflected his life and he shared with two other football players about it. At the end one of the two he shared with said “are we going to do this again next week? I don’t even care about the pizza. I just love the conversation!” Brittany said “Yes, we’ll meet again next week.” Later Brittany learned that Vikram had made a decision to trust Christ with his life that day!

Please pray for Vikram, the two lacrosse players, and so many other students Brittany and many other volunteers on her team are serving. We are honored to operationally support Brittany, her volunteers, and so many others representing Cru because of our partnership with you!
**names changed for privacy.

Reaching Students with Instagram!?

brittany youtube pic
watch a video featuring Brittany on how to use instagram to start a ministry to students at

#PrayForOrlando to Grieve and Heal
candle vigil orlando
A candlelight vigil held at the site of the shooting
Please pray for the devastation left in the wake of the 49 deaths and many wounded after the tragic events of June 12th here in Orlando. We pray that the local Church would love and surround the hurting and lost no matter what, just like Jesus would.

Prayer Requests
  • For Vikram and other new believers
  • For many of our students and adults we have sent on missions this summer reaching teens in over 14 countries… for spiritual growth and safety and continuing to bring that passion back home to their neighborhoods and school campuses as classes start this month
  • To be parents who love their kids through every season, authentic and vulnerable
  • For good health for our little ones the rest of this summer as they have adventures of all kinds =)
  • PRAISE GOD for a new home and new opportunities to be Jesus to neighbors in a new community (we’ve already met several)
  • That Jesus will always be our FIRST Love
  • For Noah John to grow and develop in healthy ways
  • PLEASE PRAY for all the Orlando Families impacted by the shooting on June 12.
We Moved!

We bought a new house in the same area at the following address: 14612 Michener Trail, Orlando, FL 32828. There will be over $16,000 in baby hospital bills and final move in expenses with our new home. Please pray for the Lord’s provision for us financially with that and let us know if you are able to help us financially.  We are grateful for your support and prayers.

Family Photo Shoot
JSP_9280JSP_9325JSP_9390_2JSP_9503*photo credits

Shown above are some recent photos from a photo shoot thanks to our photographer friend!

Here is a printable version of this update: June2016NewsletterfromtheFlemings


About johnandellen

We work full time as ministers to provide hope, healing, and a place of recovery for men who struggle with the compulsive use of pornography and other addictions. We help them, their spouses, and families to heal and thrive wherever the Lord has destined them to have the greatest impact on the world for Christ. Ellen also works part time to coach missionaries who have come from all over the world to Orlando, Florida, at the Headquarters of Cru (also called Campus Crusade for Christ). Your partnership makes it possible for us to make the Great Commission a reality in the lives of men and their families through a discipleship recovery process. Thank you for praying for and supporting us and our work.

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