Why Influence Students?

I’m going to totally borrow from my fellow co-worker and friend, Ryan McReynolds, because I know he is cool with that, (and I’m giving him credit, after all ) and because we both are passionate about bringing the Gospel of Jesus to the Students of the Whole World:

Ryan wrote on his blog last week about why we should influence students. Granted, his post is more focused on college students, but almost everything posted there can be applied to the teens of the world as well. Teens are the most impressionable group of people in the world, maybe even more than their older college-aged counterparts.

As Ellen and I step into our new role leading the national operations team of Cru High School this month, we are thinking about these things and how many similarities can be found in both the lives of college students and teens. Most college freshmen are teens, after all.

Here is Ryan’s compelling post:


Reason #1 Students are ready to change their mind.

There is tremendous competition for the hearts and minds of students. Beer companies, credit card companies, media companies etc. all compete for the “mindshare” of students. Why? Because students are more open than at any time in their life.
Yet despite the openness of students, the college campus with many challenges to following Jesus.
Despite these challenges, God is working.
You can change the life of a student by partnering with Cru to share the Gospel on campus. Here’s how we do it:
You can help put the gospel within arms reach of each student by partnering with Cru with your time, talent and treasure. Together we can change the lives of students and change the future.

About johnandellen

We work full time as ministers to provide hope, healing, and a place of recovery for men who struggle with the compulsive use of pornography and other addictions. We help them, their spouses, and families to heal and thrive wherever the Lord has destined them to have the greatest impact on the world for Christ. Ellen also works part time to coach missionaries who have come from all over the world to Orlando, Florida, at the Headquarters of Cru (also called Campus Crusade for Christ). Your partnership makes it possible for us to make the Great Commission a reality in the lives of men and their families through a discipleship recovery process. Thank you for praying for and supporting us and our work.

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