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How to Get 350 students Registered in less than 5 minutes!!

JUST KIDDING! We would never ask anyone to do anything THAT impossible, but we would love to have your help with something!

There’s a unique opportunity to not only see what it is we do at a conference, but to serve with us as well!

students registering for winter conference

You may remember seeing in our newsletters the last couple years that Ellen has been the Registration Coordinator for the Northeast’s Winter ConferenceIn past years it has been in Boston, MA. This year it is at the Holiday Inn in Albany NY! What an exciting thing for us this year! Ellen once again will be registration coordinator while John is on Daddy duty!

The reason for this email is to ask if you would be interested in helping Ellen with registration!  The conference starts on January 2nd. In the past we all volunteers have been students, but with it being in a new location there is an opportunity for others to help as well. Ellen needs a total of 30 volunteers and is hoping for maybe half to come from the community. If you would like to help with this, please email Ellen for details She would love to fill you in.
Thanks in advance for considering this opportunity and also for your prayers and support to enable us to participate in a conference like this where student’s lives are impacted!

“Dis-skype-leship” with students

John video chatting with a student

Lately it has been cool to use a new tool in ministry with college students: Skype, a video chat program that is very popular amongst college students.  It often seems in our world of busy schedules and lots of travel that students can be really busy and carving out a half hour or more to get coached can be tough sometimes.  Most people using email are already on Gmail, a popular email website, which automatically comes with video chat capability too, called Google Talk which is integrated right into the sidebar when you are checking email.   These opportunities save time, gas, and are more fruitful than a simple phone call that doesn’t necessarily show the facial expressions we all use all the time when talking with people.  Thus far, John has been using it more this semester than ever, video chatting with 3 or 4 students in a week, sometimes.  Of course it will never rival the face to face experience, but it does get close! We are grateful to use technology to help us win build and send students for Christ!

“I never heard [the Gospel] like that before”

… were the words from one of many freshmen featured in our latest newsletter and that we have met this past fall in what has been a wild and exciting time of engaging the campuses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And this not just in words, but in deeds.  Read in our latest newsletter, by clicking on the image of the letter below, about our adventures this fall on campus.

Thank you for praying as we engage students spiritually on campuses of New York’s Capital Region like HVCC and RPI and beyond.  You can download this newsletter by clicking on any of the images below.  We hope it encourages you!

Fall 2011 Newsletter

Our New and Improved Website!

We totally revamped our website with a new look and feel, with more connections to Facebook and the like! =)  Check it out by clicking on the image below.

New updated Website

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are so thankful this Thanksgiving weekend to be surrounded in prayer by faithful partners in ministry without whom we would not be able to serve effectively on campus, impacting students for eternity.  We have so many reasons to be grateful and so we thank you for your prayers and support!  We had a chance to look at some old baby pictures of John while we were with his family this week and found some fun pictures. You can see a resemblance between Madeline and John as babies! Check out the image below in closer detail by clicking on it!

Please Pray for our Gospel Presentations today and tomorrow

Dear friends and family,
Just wanted to ask for your prayer today as both Ellen and I are presenting the Gospel at different opportunities this week. She will present some gospel truth to students at the College of St. Rose today. Also for John as he shares his heart tomorrow night in a presentation at our large monthly gathering of all the students in our ministry (we call it “City Wide”) here in the Capital Region. Thank you for your act of sacrifice in prayer and more!

 God Speed!

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