Big Break Conference Makes Florida Channel 7 News.. along with Ellen! (well briefly)

The NBC news story about students sharing their faith with “spring breakers” at Big Break Conference!

We just got back with 7 of our local RPI and Siena College students from Big Break 2011.  The total group of students from all over the US and World (a number of international students attended) was about 1,200! During the week,  the conference had the students text a code on their cell phones when they had a spiritual conversation, shared the Gospel message or spoke about the Holy Spirit. The totals for the week were pretty accurate based on this “system” and we’re excited to share them with you!

Big Break 2011 Conference NBC station News story
Ellen Shows up in the story near 1:09 (as shown in the screen shot above)

5,900 Spring Breakers engaged in a spiritual conversation

2,336 Spring Breakers heard the entire gospel message

209 Spring Breakers made a decision to choose a life surrendered to Christ!
(2 of which John and one of our RPI students had the privilege of leading!)

437 Spring Breakers heard what it means to live by the power of the Holy Spirit

Every night for about an hour students got up to share what happened that day on the beach.. we wish you could all have been there! There were even a few students who came with the conference that had never personally made a decision to trust Christ and it was so precious to hear their stories as well! God is moving among this generation and we’re thrilled that we get to be a part!  Stay tuned for more stories and pictures coming(although we have to admit.. we’re horrible at remembering to take them!)

Thank you for your prayers and financial support which God has used to help make all of this possible!

More news to come soon!

By His Grace Daily,


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We work full time as ministers to provide hope, healing, and a place of recovery for men who struggle with the compulsive use of pornography and other addictions. We help them, their spouses, and families to heal and thrive wherever the Lord has destined them to have the greatest impact on the world for Christ. Ellen also works part time to coach missionaries who have come from all over the world to Orlando, Florida, at the Headquarters of Cru (also called Campus Crusade for Christ). Your partnership makes it possible for us to make the Great Commission a reality in the lives of men and their families through a discipleship recovery process. Thank you for praying for and supporting us and our work.

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