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Exciting news at UAlbany campus from the Flemings: Anthony is introduced to Christ!

A New Brother in Christ at UAlbany

Just a quick exciting story to share and a prayer request from yesterday at the University at Albany: I went out yesterday on campus with Dan*, one of the students in our movement there.  Last week at Big Break I had the opportunity to use the Soularium spiritual conversation tool with some great conversations resulting from it…

The Soularium

…So I thought it would be a good time to go on campus and bring Dan along to see what spiritual conversations God might arrange for us to have with students there.  We met Anthony who was simply sitting on a concrete step outside on the patio area.  We asked him if he had 10 minutes or so to help give us feedback on the photos included in the Soularium and answer a few questions related to the photos and he said yes. That began a discovery process of finding out that Anthony was feeling broken in his life and lacking direction and purpose and that he wanted to know more about how to find his purpose in a personal relationship with Jesus.  We told him how that could be possible through the Knowing God Personally booklet, a concise description and invitation to knowing Jesus personally through the gospel message.  He prayed to receive Christ into his heart! We were really excited and asked him to join Dan at a small group on campus at 3 pm today! He said he knew God sent us to meet him yesterday and even earlier that day he spoke with his mother about getting a Bible! God was working in his life already and we were honored to be there to point him to our Savior and Lord!

Please take a moment to pray that our spiritual enemy and his minions would not have any sway in Anthony’s new life in Christ and that he would plug in to our ministry and a local church, as that seemed to also be missing in his life since he left home for college.

Praise God for all he is doing on local campuses like UAlbany!

God Speed!

*some names are changed from time to time in our updates

“One Year Later…” – February 2010 Newsletter

One Year Later…

It has been one year since we “reported” to our assignment in the Capital Region of New York.  There is so much to praise God for!  New movements launched at many schools, movements growing in leaps and bounds (especially at RPI), and God continues to bless us with so many blessings along the way.  This month features the story of Kelly who had first heard about Ellen’s spiritual journey about a year ago but recently, met Christ through Natalie, a student that Ellen has been discipling for the past year!  You can download our newsletter by clicking on the image below.  We hope you enjoy it!

February 2010 Newsletter

“So what do I need to do to ‘get back with God’?”

asked Will, a student from Tennessee on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida yesterday.  A student named Mark and I went out onto the beaches with more than 1100 other Campus Crusade students at Week 2 of the Big Break Conference to share our faith and listen to spring breaker’s spiritual stories as well.  Please pray for Will as we think he is curious about a relationship with God and seems to know what he needs to do to get right with God but isn’t willing just yet.

Students sharing their faith near the Big Break Conference

We had 2 other great conversations after that one with Will as well in just a couple hours!  Students who come down here to party and “live it up” are definitely seeking purpose and spiritual meaning in their lives, though some may not know it or admit it at times.  Please PRAY as we continue to share our faith and also offer spring breakers the opportunity to serve the people of Haiti by helping us pack “One Million Meals” for Haiti at our conference center. You can read more about the conference and our service efforts by clicking on the links above.

“To Bid or not to Bid…” a personal update…

We thank you so much for praying for us with respect to our recent decision regarding placing an offer on the purchase of a house nearby where we live in Albany.  We felt like it wasn’t the right time before we left for the Big Break conference to go forward with placing an offer.  Of course things could change going forward but please keep this in prayer for us.  We appreciate it very much!

God Speed!

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